JSG is hosting it's second game give-away to celebrate the Christmas season. On Tuesday, December 20th, is when the event will start. To enter be on Discord during Town Hall and be a member of JSG. These games don't just go out to strangers, so we're just giving gifts to our friends.

How will games be given away?

We'll be using a random number generator like last year and the year before that. We generate a string of numbers and each game gets one. Then we have the RNG pick a game for each person. If it's a game that they put in we RNG again, if you don't like the game you can RNG a second final time. Once you have your game, you may try to trade it with another person.

What presents will there be?

Just post a reply below or tell me directly that you have a game, and then I'll add it to the Confirmed Gifts section below.


If there's a game you would like your friends to get you, remember to organize your Steam wishlist. If someone wants to get you a game they'll check out your wishlist. Though, it's okay to ask here if someone can take a look at your list.

Confirmed Gifts:
  1. ARK: Survival Evolved
  2. BattleBlock Theater® (2 copies)
  3. Dead Rising® 2
  4. Dishonored
  5. FORCED: Slightly Better Edition
  6. Eaten Alive
  7. Garry's Mod
  8. Journal
  9. Sid Meier's Civilization® V...
Lets bring back our traditional Game Nights! They were a great way to introduce people into the community and it set the standard for all our other events. Lets focus on making Game Night fun and making a point of bringing friends and people we meet to play with us!

Event Details:

Game Night is a weekly event that JustSomeGamers hosts where the community plays in a lobby all together. The 3 games that we vote on below are suggested during Town Hall. Members pick 2 out of the 3 games below to choose as their choice for Game Night.
  1. Minecraft Survival
  2. CS:GO Custom Casuals
  3. Just Some Mafia (DarkRP, server and gang domination)
Just post reply with 2 games in your post below to cast your vote for Game Night.
No Game Night if there is less than 5 votes. All votes count as an RSVP.

Game Night will be hosted on Saturdays @ 5PM and runs for 1 hour.
Town Hall was historically hosted always on Tuesdays. JSG took the idea of Town Hall from the First Strike Team; a Planetside 2 outfit that was disbanded 2 or 3 months before JSG was founded. We inherited it, which included Town Halls on Tuesdays.

Since then, during the first year of JSG I and the staff at the time played around with different days of the week to host Town Hall. We found out by trial and error that it's best to change Town Halls from Tuesdays to Sundays during Spring and Summer; then change Town Halls to Tuesdays during Fall and Winter.

Mostly, this is done because of Sunday football and holidays lining up with dates a certain way. Like for example, this December, having Town Halls on Tuesday will let us have our Christmas Giveaway event on December 20th; that's 5 days before Christmas and give the community a time to have it's own Christmas.

Thank you all for understanding, and here's to a great holiday season for JustSomeGamers!
Hello everyone! Discord has now enabled us to set up custom emojis for our server. Feel free to suggest some emojis here. The most liked emoji posts will go on and be added to the server.

When you post your emoji suggestion give us a link to the image.
What games would you all like to see events for in JSG? If the game is not a choice in this poll. Please come to the discussion on 9/29/16 in discord.
@SqueakerPet is the first pick as the main speaker for the next Town Hall. @Zornire, @Neasuas, and @Nalothisal are chosen to help him before and during it. The active Mods and Admins should be there for support and to give their own announcements as well.

So @SqueakerPet, here are some points you should bring up for the next two Town Halls.
  • Hosts need to describe and discuss how their weekly events went.
    • Could have anything gone better? In attendees, organization, etc...
    • How could we improve the events for next week? (hosts use threads for feedback)
    • If they were not hosting events then what were they doing?
  • Hosts should announce and make the posts for their events next week. Remind them to:
    • Set up the Steam event.
    • Post Steam announcements 30 minutes, 15 minutes, or before an event starts.
    • Start a thread in events for thread polling, event planning, and to give out event info.
  • JSG's goal until the New Year is to be consistent with Hosting responsibilities.
    • Staff should give reminders about making events, announcements, and threads.
    • Having all Staff involved in monthly Follow Ups to catch up with the inactive guys.
    • Discuss on the forums different ideas for events. (helps build Host Handbook)


Town Hall is broken into segments: Intro, Staff Announcements, Open Discussions, and Outro.


  • Intro music finishes.
  • The head speaker greets attendees.
    • If there are new members attending Town Hall, quickly describe it and how it'll be.
  • Say for the recording what Town Hall number this is.
Staff Announcements:
  • Whoever is hosting Town Hall says their announcements.
  • Staff will...
Weekly Town Halls are back.

Remove the game staff roles and let all Organizers be viewed as Organizers.

There is an @ARMA role now. Ask in chat to be added to the role if you own it.
- Whenever somebody types @ARMA into chat it will ping you that an ARMA lobby is starting.

Restate that JSG considers an active member somebody who hops on discord when ingame.

Staff in JSG must not be Staff in another community at the same time.

Do not promote other Discord servers in chat or in DMs. They must EXPLICITLY ask for it.
Minecraft Mondays by @Pcplaya64

Garry's Mod DarkRP (Staff: @Link, @Kevin, @HawkBlock)
Note: @Link is stepping down from DarkRP Staff once he goes back to school on Aug 12th.

ARK Server (@athenst (chewydo))
Note: Chewydo has first pick to be ARK Lead.
  • We need our first ARK Staff member to take lead over the server.
  • To take the position make a thread in the Main Forum covering a list of responsibilities you will take on.
  • The ARK Lead will need to help obtain funds on a monthly basis to keep the ARK server up.
  • ARK Lead will get to decide on who joins the ARK Staff.

Town Hall Updates
Note: this particular agenda topic is for all of JSG Staff.
  • "No agenda no meeting."
  • Watch those two videos in the thread.
  • Each group of Staff members should have an OKR for their section in the Staff Forums.
  • Start setting up agendas to meet and make decisions with your staff team on OKRs.

Website Improvements (link to Trello) (for @Zellous, @Kevin, and @MrKrucible)
Note: JSG members are free to check our progress and current priorities with the website on this Trello board. Send...
The JSG Staff, and more specifically, the Minecraft Staff are proud to announce the launch of our new Modded Minecraft Server!

We've also set up the Minecraft forums (click here!) so we can all talk about the server. Make sure to check back to see if Staff has updated anything, or have anything to say to you, the players!

If you'd like to connect to the server and play, please use this guide written by @Realsupersaiyan to do so! Please follow the rules, and if you're unsure if you are allowed to do something, please ask a Minecraft Staff member!

If you have any suggestions, questions, concerns, or anything else to bring up to the Minecraft community and/or staff, please refer to the Minecraft Forums, here.

Thank you very much for making yet another server a reality! Have a great day, and we hope you enjoy your time on our very own Minecraft Server.